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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

She always make funny faces:-)

Yesterday night after i feed jennifer, I bring her upstairs to wash her and ofcourse she used to make a funny faces to us... as in makalingaw jud cya kaayo. Sometimes I asked myself if anak ko ba to? dahil she grow so fast, now she can walk bit by bit and can recognized her picture we put in the wall or in the computer. She laugh and shout so loud if she saw our cat or the other cat to come in inside our house. She like to play peekaboo or hide seek with us, she also like to stroll around in the city and meet lots of people which is she smile right away..Hayyy Its really nice to have a baby and I wish she will always be like this being sweet to us and easy to handle with. Last few weeks she woke up at 6 or 7 am ( Thanks GOD ) not like before she start to sing at 4 am, makes us so tired and sleepy.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hello Friends

I decide to make a blog for our little angel, ofcourse shes always part of our lives and most important thing to us. Im sure of all of you can relate that, especially you are a parents or becoming a parents soon. The time I knew that i was pregnant, I dont really understand what I felt. Im kinda feel sad but the same time I was crying coz I am so happy..happiness that I cant explain it. Of Stefan side, he feel so nervous and the same time hes excited to see our little angel soon. Starting of my pregnancy, I dont really feel what they say lihi or in bisaya pangala. I felt that im just a normal woman but my belly is getting bigger and bigger by the time pass by. I felt her kicked very strong and I asked myself, what she is a kick boxer:-))? Being a pregnant lots of bawal means, not allowed to eat raw fish,meat,not allowed to play with the animals esp. cats, if you do gardining always wore a gloves as a protection of Toxoplasmoses. But I cant stand it, if i cant ate sushi,its make crazy. So everyday we went to sushi bar and the funniest thing is stefan cannot stand it anymore always sushi everyday..hehehe

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